Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jave and Britney
Britney had asked me to do the art to part of their wedding invitation.
It was featured on the card stock with the vellum overlay of the invitation
on top and tied with a bow.
The day that Britney picked up the art was pretty special. She liked it
so much she literally bounced out to her truck with joy.
That is really good for this Artist's ego.
She was on her way to show Jave right away.

Wedding invitations are special and helping them
have more meaning is a joy to me.
Any individuals interested in wedding art
may contact me at my email address.


  1. This is one awesome idea and a fabulous piece of art for their invitation! I have to remember this in case my youngest every wants to do invitations like this!

  2. that's a very cool idea to overlay the image. I bet the invite is beautiful! Nice drawing :)