Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art  Beat 2010
The booth looking east in  front of Century Center.
Thanks to Jacqueline Gnott allowing Ted and I to borrow
her art panels, the booth looked great.
That's Ted McFarland at the back of the booth.
 He hates having his photo taken.
It was a good day for Ted to get public reaction of his Airbrush Art.
The booth was busy all day including a visit from the Mayor of
South Bend and his wife.
The public reaction was that Ted's work is magnificent and it is !

My special thanks to Celeste Bergin for all of
her encouragement in my producing art for the show.
Thank you Celeste.
I hope we get to participate next year and I hope the economy
is supportive. Art Beat was fun to do.

Anyone interested in Ted's art
may contact him through his email:
or phone at:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art Beat 2010

I will be at Art Beat on August 28th with Ted McFarland. Our booth will be in front of the Century Center. Art Beat is from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm this saturday in South Bend. If the weather is bad the show will be in Century Center. Come and enjoy all the Artists, performers and food.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jave and Britney
Britney had asked me to do the art to part of their wedding invitation.
It was featured on the card stock with the vellum overlay of the invitation
on top and tied with a bow.
The day that Britney picked up the art was pretty special. She liked it
so much she literally bounced out to her truck with joy.
That is really good for this Artist's ego.
She was on her way to show Jave right away.

Wedding invitations are special and helping them
have more meaning is a joy to me.
Any individuals interested in wedding art
may contact me at my email address.

Josh and Christie
Wedding art of Josh and Christie.
It took quite a while to do this art with a long story
about how I finally got the photo reference from
Josh. It was like pulling teeth. Josh kept bugging me
for completing the art but I had nothing to go by.
After pulling a death defying prank on Josh, I finally
received the photo reference.
I was really happy with how it turned out.
Josh must have liked it too since he brought over
ice cream when he picked it up !

For those interested individuals I do art for wedding invitations
and wedding gifts. Giving friends something special
on their wedding day is quite the gift.
My pricing fits budgets.

Katharine Leis
I always loved the photo reference of Kat.Kat has a relationship with a camera lense that evokes the mood she decides to portray. I just had to draw this pen and ink.
I hope everyone enjoys the drawing especially Kat.