Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Delicious

A grouping of Red Delicious Apples.
I took the reference photos for these back 
in 2008. Having a slow start to get back to my art,
I finally put them to paper.

It's somewhat of a series, with more to come.

Done in pen and ink with transparent watercolors
on 140 lb bright white hot press Arches paper.
Crawfordsville Bridge Oregon

I had the pleasure of seeing this covered bridge 
on a trip arranged by Bradley T. Waring.
I had never been to Oregon. 
Part of the sight seeing tour was this covered bridge.
It had been moved and was located
 close to a residence that had a beautiful garden
specializing in roses.
This is close to Brownsville Oregon.
If you get the chance, stop by and visit the folks with the garden.
The hubby wrote a really cool history book based on
local facts and story telling

I had fun with the piece trying to get ready for an art show locally.
Not sure if I will make it,
everyday has it's challenges.

Done in pen and ink with transparent watercolors
on 140 lb bright white Arches paper.

Clemons Antiques

Found in a small burg in Indiana,on a road trip to Indianapolis,
the old sign was quite appealing. 
Closed long ago but still kept the small town charm.
It was many years ago
that I came upon this sign.
Finally got around to putting it to paper.

Pen and ink with
transparent watercolor on
140 lb bright white hot press Arches.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heartland Series  1

This started as a bookmark for my daughter Hilary
and ended up being a slightly large piece.
I still need to do the bookmark,
especially since her birthday is up and coming.

I want this to be a series about the midwest,
 especially the farming communities.

"Life on the Farm "

It was done on Arches 140 lb bright white hot press paper,
with Pigma Micron pens and transparent watercolor.
Image size is approx. 7" x 13"

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