Friday, May 28, 2010

Amelia Earhart

This is a series I started for my daughter Hilary, she doesn't know I started the series. I wanted to impress upon her the success of individual Women. My daughter has many talents some she's not discovered. Art and Music stand out, however being a new Mom she has little time for those things, other than what she and her husband Rob do with their daughter.

I have always been facinated about the story of Amelia Earhart. They still search for more discoveries of what happened to her and her co-pilot. I used her photo from her first aviators license from 1923 as the reference to do this pen and ink.

The plane in the background was Amelia's plane.

1923 was the same year my Dad was born
The Planet Bag Art

This is the art that was done specifically for Katharine Leis, the owner of The Planet Bag ( company. This was a joy to do since it was for Kat.

Everyone should really consider the amount of plastic and paper bags that go into landfills, the oceans, seas and lakes. If we each participate in using canvas bags that are reusable, we would help the earth.
Many states are outlawing the use of plastic bags.

The Planet Bag may be used until it is completely worn out and , since it is canvas, it does recycle and it is washable. When they are worn out, just replace them with new ones. They make a wonderful gift to give your friends to help save the earth.  Be pro active for the environment.
This is Katharine Leis

Katharine is a non-typical type A individual that strives to save the world while bringing joy and happiness.
She owns several companies, one of which is The Planet Bag (  selling reusable canvas bags to replace the use of plastic and paper bags. I was lucky to be the Artist to draw the graphic for the bags.  ( It was a competition of thousands of other Artists ! Wink ! )

Kat, as she is called by many is also a writer, movie maker, Graphic Artist, photographer, web designer, Actress, Model, Brainiac, quick wit and muse. Her web site is She rarely sleeps since there is just too much going on in her head at one time, thank God it doesn't all spill out on the floor.

Kat should be on the 'David Letterman Show" to banter with  Dave. Hearing her life story, available on her web site would just mesmerize Dave.

The one stand alone quality about Kat is her Ego doesn't enter a room before she does. She's kind to animals, would raise money for every cause to save humanity and carries herself with grace. She has an infectious smile too.

I love her, someday I will get to meet her !
Hopefully before Dave does. This is a pen and  ink colored in Photoshop.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Colin Jon Hendrie

This is my son Colin at age 12. I picked this
photo because of the detail of colin's eyes.
They are green/blue and beautiful.

We celebrate his life, his accomplishments
and especially his heart. In the memory of
Colin , we keep him alive in our hearts every
day.  You will forever remain 20. I miss you Bud.

I love you,