Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art  Beat 2010
The booth looking east in  front of Century Center.
Thanks to Jacqueline Gnott allowing Ted and I to borrow
her art panels, the booth looked great.
That's Ted McFarland at the back of the booth.
 He hates having his photo taken.
It was a good day for Ted to get public reaction of his Airbrush Art.
The booth was busy all day including a visit from the Mayor of
South Bend and his wife.
The public reaction was that Ted's work is magnificent and it is !

My special thanks to Celeste Bergin for all of
her encouragement in my producing art for the show.
Thank you Celeste.
I hope we get to participate next year and I hope the economy
is supportive. Art Beat was fun to do.

Anyone interested in Ted's art
may contact him through his email:
or phone at:


  1. A wonderful setup and truly beautiful art!

  2. Scott--the booth looks amazing! I like the blog's "new look" too.